Emergency Procedures

In the wake of recent events, here is a reminder of what to do in fire and/or earthquake emergency. These procedures - particularly fire - are signposted in the gym for your reference also.

Earthquake During an earthquake, you should immediately Drop, Cover and Hold - do this in the safest area you can find. . In the gym, this means you should stay well away from the windows and all the equipment, such as cable machines, dumbbell/weight stacks and squat racks. The small exercise benches could be used to provide cover. . Do not make your way outside straight away, unless the building is showing obvious of distress. Falling glass and masonry poses a more immanent threat outside. . After the shake: Check if anyone needs help and await evacuation instructions. On evacuation, do take your wallet, coat, bag, etc. You are more vulnerable if you leave those things behind. If you have a getaway kit or “go bag”, take it. . Unfortunately, around our Featherston Street building there are few evacuation spaces that are safe (large open areas, with no buildings, power lines or other hazards), so you must stay put until the earthquakes have stopped or you have been instructed to evacuate to another location. .

Fire If you discover a fire STAY CALM and follow these steps: ⦁ Activate the alarm ⦁ Call the fire service by dialling 111 and clearly state the premises name and address and the nature of the emergency (fire, bells ringing etc). This may be done using a telephone in neighbouring premises if safe to do so prior to them evacuating. ⦁ Alert people around you ⦁ Alert the fire warden

For your reference, our address is:

Wellington - Levels 1 and 2, 128 Featherston Street, Wellington

Auckland - Level 5, 87-89 Albert Street, Auckland

When the alarm sounds:

⦁ Tell people around you to firmly to leave the building. You must leave all possessions and make your way as quickly and safely to the assembly point as possible (the corner of Waring Taylor and Featherston Street). ⦁ Go quickly to the stairs – do not run ⦁ Don't go back to your work area for possessions ⦁ Do not use the lift. If you are in a lift get out and use the stairs (the lift should automatically open) ⦁ Follow wardens instructions ⦁ Shut smoke stop doors as you leave an area ⦁ Report immediately to your assembly point (the corner of Waring Taylor and Featherston Street). ⦁ Stay together in a group If you see a fire please activate the fire alarm if not already sounding. Fire extinguishers should only be used in instances where your life is at risk e.g you can't exit due to a stairwell fire. In the instance there are no trainers around please get yourself out of the building ASAP and call 111. Please talk with your Coach if you have any questions!