500m Row Challenge

The April challenge is a tough one!

Set yourself up on the rower to the left on level 1. This will make all the times comparable as each rower can differ slightly in resistance.

Perform a good warm-up by doing 200-300m at a light-moderate intensity with an occasional set of a few heavy pulls.

Set the rower to count down from 500m (ask your coach how to do this if you aren't sure). Perform an all-out row and record your time on the challenge wall. Once you complete it, go straight into an active cool down by rowing gently for a few mins or until you feel your heart rate settle. Don't just get off and lie down! Rowing slowly will allow you to recover faster, decreasing your heart rate slowly with resistance which will stop the blood pooling in your legs.

See how you improve throughout the month (although last time I did this I wasn't very keen to do it again haha).

I would also recommend doing this at the end of your session as it takes a while to recover. Go get it!!