Back Muscle Gains Workout

Do you want your back to look like our trainer Karina’s? Try these back workouts for some serious muscle gains! 1. Barbell Deadlift – This exercise is great for working your lower back muscles! Technique is super important when doing this exercise – but once you’ve nailed a deadlift you should be fine. To really intensify your muscle gains – try high weights with low reps 2. Bent Over Barbell Deadlift – This exercise again is great for stimulating your back muscles. research has suggested that hitting bent-over barbell rows will work the larger muscle groups of the upper and lower back equally. 3. Wide Grip Pull Up – Try using a high weight with a low rep – 8 – 12reps MAX. By having a higher weight with lower reps will promote more muscle growth then using a low weight with high reps. If you find these super easy to do with your body weight – try adding a weight belt for extra resistance. 4. Single Arm Dumbell Row – This exercise is great for working your lower lats. By leaning on the bench with one arm you give yourself more stability and really concentrate the workout to the particular muscles it’s working. It will also help you to be able to lift more weight when it comes 5. Close grip pull down – This exercise is great for working your shoulders! Try doing a heavy weight for a total of 8 reps x 3 with a minute break in between each set. Try and take this exercise nice and steady and make sure you are controlling the weight and keeping correct form. All of these exercises will help you to tone your back and gain some extra muscle! 💪 💪