A - Z Challenge

October 12, 2017


This A - Z challenge will really get your heart pumping! Give it a go! 
A - Standing Bike pedaling x 1 min
B - TRX row x 10
C - Sit ups x 15
D - Powerbag split squat x 15ea (if to heavy do body weight)
E - 10kg Alternating lunges x 10ea (if to heavy or hard on knees do x 20 body weight squats)
F - Skipping x 100 (if cannot skip just do small vertical jumps with no rope)
G - Mountain Climbers x 60 (or plank for 30sec)
H - Incline Push up x 20
I -  Bicycle crunch x 50
J - Dumbbell one arm shoulder press x 15ea (pick suitable weight)
K - Swissball core Rollouts x 25
L - Skipping x 200 (if cannot skip just do small vertical jumps with no rope)
M - Box jump x 20 (if cannot jump due to injury etc. just do x10ea step ups)
N - Push up x 25
O - Jumping Lunges x 20 (Or x 20 Body weight squats)
P - Rower x 250m
Q - TRX row x 15
R - Seated Bike pedal (fast) x 1.30min
S - Elbow breakdowns x 10ea
T - Treadmill walk/run x 400m
U -  Sled push weighted x 4 lengths of Resultsroom (pick suitable weight)
V - Swissball Hamstring curls x 30
W - Powerbag Split Squat x 15ea (Or body weight squat)
X -  Burpee (chest to ground) x 20
Y - Dumbbell punches (1kg-4kgs) x 100
Z - Rower x 500m

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