Healthy Halloween Treats

October 12, 2017



Do you want to make some Halloween treats for your kids but don’t want to load them up on sugar? Try these apple mouths for a tasty but creepy looking snack!

-       Mini Marshmallows
-       Peanut Butter
-       Apples
-       Strawberry’s – optional


-       Cut the apple into even slices – about 1.5cm thick.
-       Put peanut butter on one side of the apple slice and lay down with the peanut butter facing up
-       Put the marshmallows on the peanut butter to look like teeth
-       Get another slice with peanut butter and put on top of the marshmallow with it angled down towards the back
-       OPTIONAL: if you want to make these even more creepy you can blend up some strawberries and put over the teeth to look like blood
Serve and enjoy! 


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