Back Squat or Front Squat?

Back squat or front squat: Which one is best for you? One is not merely better than the other, they target different areas, and the one you choose depends on your goals, flexibility, and posture. However, the one thing they do share is the ability to target every major muscle group in the body when performed effectively.

First we need to establish the difference between the two.

Back squat:

Traditionally the bar is place on the top of the shoulder blades. It focuses more on the gluteals and lumbar spine by forcing you to sit your hips back.

Front Squat:

Bar is placed upon the front of the shoulders and held in a position called a 'front rack'. Depending on the strength and mobility of your upper back, shoulder girdle and wrists, this can be be a challenging position for many to get into. It is very demanding on a position/posture we call thoracic extension. The front squat emphasises the quadriceps and upper back musculature while challenging core stabilisation.

Generally speaking the back squat is a much easier exercise to perform than the front squat. So what if I can't do a front squat with a bar?

I would first start by performing body weight squat with your arms extended out in front. This will get you into a position of thoracic extension and active your core without any external loading. Once you start to improve you can begin to load your body by an exercise called a 'goblet squat'. This is performed by holding a weight in front of your chest making sure not to drop your chest and lose form at the bottom of the squat. Other key areas to focus on would be to address areas of muscle imbalances of the upper back and shoulder girdle, wrist flexibility, and core strength. Talk with your coach about how you can implement these exercises into your routine.

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