Healthy Christmas Treats

Christmas is coming up in less than a months time! So we thought we would share some healthy Christmas themed snack recipes - so you don't have to spend the festive season just eating cake and Christmas pies!

Treat number one - Santa Strawberries!

These little numbers are super delicious and super easy to make.




Black food coloring or black seeds


Get some strawberries and give them a good wash! Pull the leaves off and cut the bottom off, so they stand up nicely. Chop the bottom of the strawberry off, so it looks like a mini hat. Put a dollop of cream on the bottom half of the strawberry and put the hat on top. Put a tiny dollop of cream on the top of the 'hat' and his body as buttons. Use the black food colouring to draw two eyes and there you have it! Santa Strawberries!

Treat number two - Pizza Pita Bread!

A savory treat to save you from eating all those Christmas pies and chippies.


5x Pita Bread

2x Avocado

2x Tomato or Capsicum

2ts Lemon juice

Salt and pepper (optional)


Mash the avocado up with the lemon juice. Cut the Pita bread into triangles. Cut the tomato up into small pieces. Spread avocado over the pita bread and decorate with pieces of tomato or capsicum. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to serve (optional). TA-DA Christmas Tree Pita Bread.

Treat number three - Wreath Bagel Bites!

Another Savory snack that will fill you up and impress your guests!


Mini Bagel Bites

Cream Cheese

Red and green Capsicum


Cut the bagel bites in half. Spread with cream cheese. Chop up capsicum's and use to decorate bagel bites! How easy is that?