Monthly Challenge - April

Autumn has arrived in Wellington, and this month we have a full body killer for you….Ready to sweat??

Time and record yourself, keep trying to improve over the month.

1-10 reps of goblet squats and burpees.

1 rep squat, 1 rep burpee

2 rep squat, 2 rep burpee

3 rep squat, 3 rep burpee

and so on all the way to 10 reps each.

You can use optional weights for the squats (range from 8 kg to 20kg kettlebell.)

Burpee options -

Full chest to ground and jump up hands clap overhead / chest to ground stepping in/ stepping legs out and in burpee.

You can tag us in your progress on Facebook & Instagram, and remember you can always ask your coach for help or alternatives.

Good Luck!!!

Happy April!!!