Fat... that burns Fat? Hello~ Brown Fat!

"Fight fire with fire!".

Applying this logic to everything in your daily life may not be the best idea. But for the case of losing weight, fighting fat with fat, can help you according to a research presented in the article we've found.

According to research, everyone has a little bit of something called the "brow-fat" and they work very differently to how white cells work. When activated, it keeps your body warm in the cold and helps your white fats - the fats you want to use. It is sort of like a fire starter that helps you burn the rest of the fuel.

According preventionhealth.com, there are five different ways to help you activate those brown fat and your weight loss. Listed below are a couple of those tips.

1. Eat just enough to feel satisfied

Researchers have found that the hunger-controlling neurons that tell us that we had enough, also serves a purpose of turning some of the white fats we have into brown fats! Consuming insufficient level of calorie can slow down or even stop white cells from turning brown while triggering the neurons by eating just enough increases the production-rate of the brown fats. So don't starve yourself for your diets, eating right portions of real food is the key to your weight loss success!

2. Be active

Getting your body moving and exercise is an obvious way to burn those calories. But studies show that sustained routine work-outs increase the level of brown fats in your body, and can continue to increase even after 12 weeks of exercise!

3. Stay Cool

Remember, brown fat also keeps your body warm in the cold. Being exposed to lower temperature activates the brown fat but also turns the white fats brown. So doing a jog in the chilly morning after you had your breakfast would be a fantastic way to help you build up those brown fat!

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