Monthly Challenge - July

Abs Abs Abs! We know you want that hard flat abdomen!

We have in store for you a quick 10 minute workout to destroy and rebuild your abs from start to finish! Are you ready to burn your core?

Make sure to warm up before you start the fire! This is going to be a quick 10 minute work-out!

1 minute Plank

1 minute inner-thigh ball-squeeze Squat

1 minute back extensions

1 minute Side Plank for each side

1 minute Hip Raises

1 minute Reverse Crunches

1 minute double leg lifts

1 minute Plank

If it's too hard for you, take 20 seconds breaks in between every rep.

Do this once a day to turn it into a habit!

Let's get those inner core firing!

Happy July!

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