How working out with a friend can help you!

The idea of joining a gym, or signing up to a personal trainer, can be very daunting to a lot of people. One way we suggest to help is by working out with a friend, family member or work colleague! Having someone to workout out with brings on a lot of positives. It can motivate you a lot more. Thinking you might skip tomorrow’s workout? It’s a lot harder to talk yourself out of working out when you have already made plans to go with someone else at a set time. You may even find yourself going more frequently because the person you are going with asks you to go with them at times you wouldn’t normally go.

There’s also nothing like a bit of healthy competition. Working out with someone else can really encourage you to push yourself, because it’s human nature to try harder when someone else is watching. Along with this you can end up doing a better workout because you can help each other with exercises e.g. spotting each other, helping set up equipment, and insisting the other person does 1 more rep. You can try exercises and workouts that the both of you can do together which you normally wouldn’t be able to do on your own. Having someone there with you can also boost your confidence regarding trying new exercises/equipment. What better way to look uncoordinated, than to look uncoordinated together…right?

Going to the gym with someone else means you can learn off each other. They may have more knowledge about certain exercises that will help you reach your goals, or they may know how to use a certain piece of equipment that you wouldn’t have otherwise touched because you didn’t know how it worked. Overall the social aspect is likely to make the gym experience more enjoyable

Working out with a friend is similar to having a personal trainer. There’s always someone there to help you stay on track to reach your goals, and help you push yourself harder than what you would if you went to the gym alone. At Results Room we have an awesome Referral System where if one of our current clients encourages someone they know to sign up they get a free personal training session. We also offer group training where our personal trainers are happy to train up to 6 people at a time, so you’re always welcome to bring a friend (or 2!).