Resolutions? Revolutions.

It’s that time of the year where alarms are set earlier, work-out clothes are worn on the regular and gyms are now busier. Of course, this is the time of the new year which means the time for the new resolutions.

We understand that people not only have different resolutions but that people have different attitudes towards them. People range from dedicating to a resolution all year around as if it is all that matters, to some being dedicated until February, to others who haven’t even created one and those who just don’t care for it at all.

What’s important to know is that all of the above are okay.

We at Results Room are just happy if anyone has the resolution to improve their overall health, whether that entails exercising, clean eating or anything else that’s productive. If this sounds like something in line with what you are aiming to achieve in your life this year, then we can not wait to see you come through out door.

Everyone at Results Room are excited throughout this month of January because it is the launch of new ideas, new endeavours and new resolutions which you are all are choosing to pursue. For some of you, you have finally decided to pursue something you’ve been wanting to for some time, for others you are jumping into something completely new and for a few you are aiming to improve on what you’ve previously achieved. Wherever you are in your particular journey, we are ready for you.

With the existing passion we have for our everyday lifestyles and activities at Results Room we can’t wait to see more and more of you join us. We have such an amazing team of trainers who are focused on many different elements that we will ultimately help you find you the results you’re wanting.

It truly is an exciting time for people launching something exciting, healthy and different which will improve improve their lives. But as most of you will understand, it’s the rest of the year that counts too.

So that’s our promise!

As we commence this new year we promise that we will be here all 2020 long - because we know the results you are after won’t only be found in January. In fact, we don’t work around just the resolution, but rather, we go beyond by focusing on the revolution of the resolution. While we encourage you to maintain your goals and resolutions, we will support you to focus on the revolution. To aim for the next step, to paint the bigger picture and to run the extra mile. Literally.

So what do you say? Ready to begin your resolution? Or, are you ready for your revolution?

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