Monthly Challenge - February

Time for a fresh new challenge to kickstart things further into the new year. Our trainer Reuben has brought an awesome challenge for the month that appears simple - but definitely isn't easy.

Perform the following series of sets and determine the rest time you need in-between - but remember - the goal of this challenge is to complete it in the fastest time you can.

The weights of the dumbbells are 10kg for men & 7kg for women.

The sets are:

21 Dumbell Thrusters & 21 Burpees 15 Dumbell Thrusters & 15 Burpees 9 Dumbell Thrusters & 9 Burpees

An explanation of Thrusters aka. Squat and Press is given in our February newsletter. But if you have any questions about the workout, ask one of the friendly coaches for help.

Continue this challenge throughout the month on your own or during your personal training session for an extra bit of encouragement. Aiming to see improvement and beat your best time over and over.