A Healthy Purpose

Our team cares about and focuses on the process of finding the results you are wanting, and diet is a critical part of that. We give Real Food Diaries to all our clients so we can help them plan, action and track their diet to help them achieve results in a better and efficient manner. Along with this, we are now sharing clean & healthy recipes found throughout the internet right here on our website to encourage you to implement healthier eating in your diet.

So, why is it hard to eat healthy? Healthy seems good, like it’s a no brainer and that it is just the right option, right? So why don’t we just do it?

Well, the reasons vary between person to person. For some, it may be a lack of money to invest in healthier ingredients, others deal with restriction of time to cook, or for many, healthy food just doesn’t taste good. Yet, simultaneously we all have varying reasons that urge us to eat healthily. Such as improving our overall health, spending less money on takeaways or purely to just get rid of that gut which is beginning to bulge.

Often it feels like a constant battle between eating healthily and not so healthily. It will always be easier to go through a drive-thru or pick up an oven-bake pizza from the supermarket. It’s easy when food packed with sugars and carbs provides us with the satisfaction we need. It’s easy to draw on these kinds of foods when we are feeling tired, lethargic, unhappy and are in need of the boost these fake foods provide by releasing serotonin and dopamine in our mind and body. But at what point does the pleasure of finishing a block of chocolate or a packet of chips before bed become outweighed by the next day, when we wake up with a sore gut and see an empty packet on the floor first thing in the morning? All of this contributes to the constant battle.

So, this is why we offer a key suggestion of finding the purpose of eating healthily. Finding the purpose to eat healthily will go beyond just convincing you to do it, it will motivate you to make healthy decisions consistently. The purpose will differ between person to person, but it will always help everyone in similar ways.

Having a purpose will redirect you from the confectionary aisle, it will motivate you to spend extra time preparing cleaner meals ahead of time and it will prevent you from the late binge eating, because eventually, you will recognise the next morning brings you another step closer to what healthier eating is helping you achieve - rather than confronting you with the previous night’s guilty pleasure. For example, from our perspective we might feel as though an athlete eating healthily is simply an essential factor of their job. But from their perspective, we would most likely come to understand that the athlete is motivated to eat healthily so that they can perform their job better. Therefore the purpose eliminates the “I should eat healthily” and replaces it with a “I want to eat healthily”.

Without the sense of purpose it keeps a healthy diet at arms length of just being a thought that will forever nag us when we don’t follow it. Without a purpose we will continuously spend more time and energy convincing ourselves we should do it before we actually do it, and if the thought of eating healthily feels like a chore then the action becomes significantly more difficult. Of course it is comfortable to indulge in packets of chips, slices of cake and containers of greasy food, but a balance is always important and finding a purpose could eliminate the connstant battle overall.

At the end of the day, we all know the saying “if it was easy, everyone would do it”, and although everyone is different, I’m confident that commiting to a healthy diet is not easy. But finding a purpose, whatever it is, could make it easier.