5 Ways to Transition in to Autumn

March 15, 2020



5 Suggestions for the Summer-Autumn Transition



It’s the time of the year where we officially conclude our summer and begin our Autumn. Although some may claim the summer disappointed, I’m sure we could all look back on its time and appreciate what it brought. Ultimately, it gave us three months of travelling, reading books by the beach, time with our families and for some, new beginnings and endings. Now, having adjusted our office chairs, retraced how to do the simple tasks and transitioned back into our working lives, we must also focus on our fitness lives, especially through this transition of seasons. 


One of the most obvious things with the transition of Summer to Autumn is that the days get shorter. It’s darker when we rise from our slumber and becomes darker as we come home to chill out. So, the question is, how do we manage our physical well-being through it all? Here are some of our suggestions: 


-       Schedule an evening walk. This could be straight after dinner or at a time that would see you out and about while the sun goes down! During Summer this would require you to be up even later, so maybe planning a walk with the sunset could fit nicely into your day-to-day schedule! 


-       Have the proper gear! Whether you're going for a morning jog or headed to the gym - make sure you have the appropriate gear. With darker mornings you may want to carry a headlight or forms of clothing that help you see while allowing you to be seen. If you’re headed for the gym ensure you have the right gear for your workout as well as when heading home, the weather is always unpredictable in Wellington, don’t be surprised when it’s sunny as you go into the gym and pouring when you come out!


-       Schedule the gym! As we know, it’s getting darker, so unless you have the proper gear those morning jogs may become a bit annoying. But, if you have the correct gear for the gym then no environmental factors will get in your way of a solid workout! Schedule the gym for times that are less likely to be affected by the changing environment such as on your lunch break at work as it’s part of an exisitign routine with less distractions. 


-       Sort the small stuff. Once you’ve entrenched the gym into your schedule, sort out the other things. Find yourself a gym buddy who will make your work out feel better and hold you accountable. This may require a bit of seeking and will definitely require you both to cooperate with your schedules. Plan your meals and make the most of all the foods that are coming back into season. Also, sort that playlist which will pump you up and motivate you throughout any exercise you do. These three things alone will help you maintain care for your physical well-being.  


-       And of course, our advice wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t finish off with our fifth suggestion - come in to see us! We are open in the darkness of morning to the darkness of night, which makes us the ideal spot in the city to come and work out. Also, need a buddy to work out with? Our trainers are friendly enough! Partner up with one of our trainers and you will not only have someone to push you and help push yourself but someone that will hold you accountable all Autumn long. That’s pretty sweet!




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