Lockdown Learnings - Jono

A few of our trainers have given a bit of an insight of their time in lockdown and how they're looking at moving forwards now. Here are some honest thoughts from Jono:

What was the most challlenging part of lockdown for you? In general and health/fitness wise particularly?

Found the most challenging part of lock down was the feeling of being trapped all wrapped up with feeling unmotivated at times and sleep patterns falling over the place.

Did lockdown teach you anything in particular?

Lockdown taught me a bit more patience to trust in the process and also gave me time to refocus on the things that I want and actually need rather, than just what has been pushed at us as important.

How do you feel about being back now?

The feeling about being back is strange, it doesn't feel real yet but I am excited to see everyone that I have missed and also the space to work out in and actually wanting to go home afterwards.

How are you going to approach coming back to the gym personally?

My approach back to the gym is an immediate one, but one of the main things is being smarter and the use of time to make it the most effective ensuring that rest/recover and days off happen more regularly and are enjoyed rather then feeling rushed to get thing done.

What are you looking forward to the most in Level-2?

Actually looking forward to seeing all my gym friends again and working out with them and also getting up the mountain on my bike enjoying the outdoors.

How was your diet during lockdown? Did you discover any new foods you liked?

The diet was up and down durning lock down. As motivation dropped, sometimes more cheat meals entered but for the whole it was pretty similar (apart from eating because I'm bored). Itwas nice to have a bit of extra time to be more creative with meals though.