Lockdown Learnings - Karina

A few of our trainers have given a bit of an insight of their time in lockdown and how they're looking at moving forwards now. Karina gives us her thoughts::

What was the most challlenging part of lockdown for you? In general and health/fitness wise particularly?

Initially, not being able to go to the gym and pole classes and the impact of this on how hard I've worked to achieve given goals but realising that I would be fine. I found it challenging not having too much to do as I didn't want to end up watching hours of Netflix. But it gave me a chance to focus on different bodyweight exercises and to get out to do runs/walks in parts of my neighbourhood that I hadn't seen before.

Did lockdown teach you anything in particular?

The importance of downtime mentally and physically. It was nice to finish off a book and then read two

more. To go for a walk or run and to not feel that I had to be doing something. I like being busy so

lockdown forced me to have more down time (but probably a bit too much haha).

How do you feel about being back now?

It is nice to be able to see people again outside of my bubble, and to be able to go to the park or get coffee, etc. I'm looking forward to heading back to training clients, my own training and other daily activities, but would like to incorporate a better balance between work and life, and to continue to enjoy some down time for a book or a walk.

How are you going to approach coming back to the gym personally?

Although I was still able to use dumbbells and do workouts in lockdown, I have to remind myself that it will take a few weeks to work back to where I left off. I would love to rush back to lifting heavy but to

prevent injury, I'm planning on slowly progessing my lifts and enjoying returning to getting strong.

What are you looking forward to the most in Level-2?

Seeing friends and family, going out for coffee or to the park and returning to the gym and other activities. Re-gaining a sense of normality.

How was your diet during lockdown? Did you discover any new foods you liked?

Im a creature of habit so I continued to eat healthy and the same as pre-lockdown but adjusted due to less activity. I did enjoy a very delicious lasagna made by my flatmate for a movie night during lockdown and did a little bit of baking for my flatmates but overall kept up good eating :)