Lockdown Learnings - Laura

A few of our trainers have given a bit of an insight of their time in lockdown and how they're looking at moving forwards now. These were Laura's lockdown learnings:

What was the most challlenging part of lockdown for you? In general and health/fitness wise particularly?

The most challenging part of lockdown for me in general, has been not being able to travel back to the UK as planned to see family, I am so thankful for video-calling!!!! For health and fitness, I found not being able to go out mountain biking, or riding my bike to work every day hard, but I’m making up for that now.

Did lockdown teach you anything in particular??

Lockdown taught me it is definitely possible to be creative with workouts when you have limited or no equipment!

How do you feel about being back now?

I am very happy to be back, seeing everyone again is fantastic, and getting everyone back into the gym and lifting weights again is always great.

How are you going to approach coming back to the gym personally?

Personally, coming back into the gym is a case of working on re-building some strength and skill in areas I haven’t been able to work on for the past couple of months. I am realistic that not everything will be as easy as it was before, but the benefit to training is that so long as I put the work in I can train my body to get back to where it was before!

What are you looking forward to the most in Level-2?

Mountain biking!

How was your diet during lockdown? Did you discover any new foods you liked?

No changes in my diet other than a few extra home baked goods.