Lockdown Learnings - Nate

A few of our trainers have given a bit of an insight of their time in lockdown and how they're looking at moving forwards now. This is what Nate had to say:

What was the most challlenging part of lockdown for you? In general and health/fitness wise particularly?

Not real challenge for us (Laura and I), we got to dog sit 2 amazing labs for 4 weeks. Had a good space to train and a good routine. It was like a 4 week holiday.

Did lockdown teach you anything in particular??

Possibly that there is no excuse not to exercise. I kept up with a few people onlin

How do you feel about being back now?

Looking forward to doing some face to face coaching. Although it's been great to still train athletes whilst in lockdown, i do miss the face to face coaching.

How are you going to approach coming back to the gym personally?

No change for me. Just a new programme and add some new lifting ideas i've read about.

What are you looking forward to the most in Level-2?

Training full time again, and training heavy,

How was your diet during lockdown? Did you discover any new foods you liked?

Hahaha the less said about my diet the better.