Welcome Lorena!

With Lorena joining our team at Results Room we sat down to ask her a few questions about life & the gym and other things in between! Here is the full interview:

1. Welcome to Results Room! How have you found your first couple weeks?

I have found it great! Everyone has been super welcoming and the people you get to train always have lovely smiling faces.

2. What has this lockdown situation been like for you and how are you approaching gym/exercise now?

Lockdown was difficult for everyone especially being away from the gym but it was good to take that time to learn new things and skills. Now I am easing back into training and making sure to listen to my body.

3. What is your 1 favourite thing about working out? And what’s your #1 favourite thing to do in the gym?

My favourite thing about working out is the satisfaction of accomplishment, knowing you challenged yourself and did something for yourself. My favorite thing to do in the gym is mainly anything with a Barbell, recently its been back squats.

4. Tell us a bit about you inside and outside the gym.

Inside the gym I love to train functionally, at the moment I am focusing on improving my strength, But I also love an intense CrossFit workout as well. Outside of Results Room I am also a CrossFit Coach, where I get to teach and take some amazing people through some growling workouts.

5. What are you hoping to accomplish at Results Room in particular?

At Results Room I hope to bring more movement into people's lives, get people active and enjoy working out. I want my clients to leave the gym already excited to their next workout.

6. What was your first impressions of Results Room when you arrived? The facility, the team, the clients etc.

Like I said above, everyone has been so welcoming and so helpful showing me the ropes of how Results Rooms processes work. My First impression of Results Room when I arrived was I loved the space, it has all the equipment you could possibly need for any training style, I also love the availability of equipment, as we are a gym that focuses predominantly on Personal Training the availability to equipment is great, there is no need to fight through a crowded gym to get a piece of equipment, which is what you see in many globo gyms.