Daniel's Tips for Returning to Sport

1) Returning to sport this winter brings an increased risk of hamstring injuries due to a sudden demand of load capacity after weeks/months of inactivity. I’ve taken a conservative stance of load and periodisation for tendons (and muscles that insert) due to their nature of constant stretch and relaxation. You’ll find this quite important for soccer players due to their demand to constantly adjust speed, direction, and action.

2) Go easy on hamstrings early on for athletes returning to training and encourage all clients in knowing that returning to previous training levels is easier than how they first got there. When you’re working out, start easy, in general. But throughout your workout, push yourself beyond the “max” for your set and continue to crush each set moving forward. If your first set is 6 reps, push for 8. 8 reps? 10!

3.) Muscle memory is a thing! Untrained individuals following a break in resistance training take twice as long to return to their working weights as trained individuals. A lot of clients will have doubts concerning working weights, movement, flexibility, body image, etc. However, it’s an easier hill to climb in comparison to when originally started.