Returning Results - Second Half of 2020

Results haven’t been going in the right direction for a lot of this year. There is no arguing the fact that the first part of this year has been a bit rough, for everyone. And unfortunately, with the cultural climate globally it appears as though there will continue to be challenges amongst the global challenge Covid continues to provide.

However, if you are like me then you would be feeling quite grateful that we have far less of a challenge posed by Covid and that we are able to resume a more familiar way of living. I’m sure we can all agree that there is a new normal yet to be shaped. But this is exciting because it's not only as society we can do this, but we can also do this for ourselves too.

If this is something you do want to then we are here to help. For our clients, you will all be familiar with our team and our passion to help you find the results you want. For those that may not be our clients, our team is ready to bring you in to what we love to do. To provide accountability, to provide sweaty sessions and to provide guidance and support in and outside the gym,

We all encourage you to keep going, to work hard and find the results you’re wanting in the rest of the year. There is still a huge second half 2020 to go - and we are in a good position to make it one that counts.

Check out a few tips from our trainer, Daniel, about returning to sport here.