Laura on the Mind

How important is Mindset coaching in your eyes?

Mindset coaching can help people shift from a place where they feel stuck, to a place of action and moving forwards. Perhaps someone is feeling unsure of how to reach their goals, what the next step is, or even where to begin. Our mindset underlies our thoughts and actions. Through exploring and developing our mindset we can open up new possibilities for ourselves.

How much of your mindset do you rely on when exercising? When being motivated? Are you conscious of the mental work you put in, or does it feel more like a natural flow?

My mindset towards exercise is positive. I see training as a way to keep healthy, get stronger, learn how to push my body to new limits and enable myself to get better at the things I enjoy. Because of this, I do find exercise more enjoyable. However, even as a coach I am certainly not immune to the feeling of “I can’t be bothered to train today", or "I’m too tired", or, "I am no good at this". Being aware of my mindset helps me to adapt to, and overcome, these thoughts. So, on a less motivated day I may not push as hard, but instead, I will focus on the little wins.

Tell me a bit about the importance of the relationship between mind and body?

Personally, my mindset and physical exercise are interconnected, it is a

two-way street. Working on understanding my mindset helps me accomplish my exercise, and accomplishing my exercise also helps me to develop and maintain a more positive mindset.

I do believe lockdown really showed the importance of the relationship between the mind and the body. For many of us during lockdown, we would have relied on exercise and moving our bodies to keep our minds sane, more so than usual because we were not able to go and do all the other things we might usually do. Moving our bodies is something so basic and fundamental to our needs, that doing it regardless of access to the gym and all the equipment can help us remain healthy. Not just physically, but mentally too.

How was your mindset during lockdown in general? How was it towards exercise?

My mindset was definitely challenged by lockdown. When I knew lockdown was coming my mindset was quite negative. I was not wanting things to change. However, a session with my own coach really helped me to reframe the whole situation and shift into a much more positive mindset about the changes that were coming. This had a huge impact on how I prepared for and then dealt with lockdown. Looking back now I am very grateful for that, and can say that I was able to use lockdown as an opportunity to do some things differently.

Overall my mindset in lockdown was positive. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic set up which made exercise more enjoyable and do-able. I continued to coach a lot of my wonderful clients during lockdown too and found that their mindset towards exercise was so positive. Their motivation and commitment was amazing and inspiring for me as well.

How is your mindset now in this time?

Personally, I have been working on seeing a lot of the obstacles that face all of us as opportunities to learn and develop - which is not always easy. I have been learning to accept things out of my control, like not being able to go back and see family in the UK and France. instead, I focus on what I can control, like having quality conversations with them all at this time. I am really working on maintaining a growth mindset.

Could you touch on establishing healthy mind habits? Particularly in regards to burnout and self care?

To me, a healthy mind habit is anything that gives you some time and space to keep your mind in a good place. Everyone is different and will have different needs, so identifying what works for you is key, whether that’s meditation, being out in nature, reading a book, or something completely different. Giving yourself the space and time to do these things on a regular basis can help you to stay more balanced and avoid burnout!

What would you like to share with people to help them with their mindset?

Our mindsets are not fixed and can be very instrumental in bringing about change and greater understanding in our lives. Learning to say "no" to things that take away from balance in your life is as important as learning to say "yes" to more balance. This is so important for maintaining a positive mindset.