An Introduction to SCS with Nate

What is SCS?

SCS stands for Strength and Conditioning Studio. It is a multi-use space offering a friendly community of people and coaches.

What is your personal investment in and inspiration for SCS?

My personal investment is really about having a space that is my second home. Most of my days are spent in the gym, and to have somewhere that is a real community with all of our wonderful friends will be great. Working out and having a laugh together, with the added bonus of being in a great location is really what it’s all about. Inspiration comes from wanting to do a great job for the people we coach.

What will it offer?

Group classes - Group classes will focus on building your strength and your conditioning (your fitness), and your mobility too. These classes will have a great variety of programming and be relatively small which means more quality attention from your coach. There will be scaling options available for everyone, so regardless of age, ability, experience, strength and fitness levels - there will be something for everyone to get a great workout.

Personal Coaching Sessions - One to one sessions with our fabulous coaches, where you will be able to focus and work on your own goals.

Barbell Club - The Barbell Club will be run by me and is for those wanting to focus on Olympic Weightlifting. You will get programming to follow, plus an optional one-to-one coaching session each week, along with individual video feedback and analysis. Not to mention being able to come in and complete your training whenever you like. I will also coach you in competition, if that is your goal.

Open Gym Space for all members - Open Gym for all members of SCS means that if you are attending Group Classes/Barbell Club or Personal Coaching Sessions you will have access to both SCS and Results Room on Featherston Street during our opening hours of 5am - 10pm to do any extra training.

What makes SCS stand out from similar spaces in Wellington?

SCS is focussed on offering real quality to its members. We understand what most of us value and are looking for in a studio gym space, as it is what we all want too. We also aim to be community of friendly faces to always make you smile, whilst still having the chance to work hard in your sessions and get a great workout. SCS also brings the ability to train on your own as well with open gym access, with not just one, but two spaces to choose from. An amazing location down at Chaffers Dock right on Waitangi Park for those sunny days when we can take our workouts into the fresh air, or Oriental Beach, close enough to go for a dip after class in the summer. And not to mention Raglan Roast, just a few steps away for the post-workout coffee break with your fit fam.

What are you looking forward to the most for what SCS can bring to people in Wellington?

All the GAINZ!

What’s a message to those who are keen & should sign up?

Do it! You won’t regret it.