Karina's Q & A

What does Personal Training mean to you?

My job means a lot. I can have an impact on my clients health and wellbeing and how they feel in their everyday lives. The early mornings or extra little things we do are worth it when a client reaches a milestone or when a goal is achieved, or when they have pushed themselves a little bit more or had a consistent week of training and eating well.

PT also means a lot to me as we are able to have a positive impact, both physically and mentally, in that when a client comes in either early or from a meeting in a bad mood and they end up leaving having accomplished something positive in their day.

What is your favourite thing to work on?

I have a lot of hated favourites. I enjoy weight training, getting stronger and overall just pushing myself mentally and physically.

What are your favourite kind of exercises?

Nothing specifically!

You have quite a hands on role at RR, briefly talk us through what you get up to.

I do have my own personal training clients so I have sessions with them. I have consultations with those interested in the gym. I liaise with the trainers and how they are going with their clients both current and new. I deal with any issues/enquiries and just manage the gym on a day to day basis.

How important are your clients to you and the relationships you have created?

The relationships I have built with my clients are invaluable. As I have said, the long days & early mornings are worth it when I get to see and train my clients, chat about how they are and provide them with a workout to help them. Clients initially join the gym, but they stay due to the relationships they build with the trainer and other gym members. So I value all my relationships with my clients as I want the best for them all to achieve their goals, big and small, and I appreciate that they want me to help them along the way.

What are your favorite things to get up to in your spare time? How do they help you and your physical exercise?

In my spare time I teach and attend pole dancing classes at BodyElectric Pole Studio. I have been doing pole for 2+ years as well as teaching for over a year now and I love it. I love when either myself or a student has been chipping away at a trick or movement and then in class they get it. It’s awesome to be able to celebrate with them. Pole dancing is is a great mix of strength and flexibility, dance and movement as well as mental toughness - with some of the tricks. My own

strength training has helped me progress in pole as well as my dedication and stubbornness. The community at BodyElectric is amazing, really supportive, it is just a great bunch of people to be around all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds with no judgement.