Quick-fire Q & A with Sam

How does it feel having SCS open? What does this mean for you?

It feels great to have SCS open! It's a great place to coach with awesome members and a friendly, motivated community.

What are you wanting to achieve at SCS for yourself?

To restart a consistent training programme that's varied and challenging.

What are you wanting your clients and people of Wellington to achieve at SCS?

Results, happiness and a strong community. Training and pushing yourself makes you feel so much better both mentally and physically.

What is personal training to you? How does it compare to your other work?

Personal training to me is good habit building. It's helping people to adopt a few small changes that make a massive difference to their wellbeing.

You used to be a chef? What are some tips for people focusing on their diet and healthier eating?

Make small changes to start with, pick one or two items that you can change to healthy alternatives and never let yourself get too hungry. Will power goes out the window when people are Hangry!