Grant's Testimonial

A couple years ago I joined Results Room. My wife had suggested joining a gym and my physio agreed. I lacked mobility, and according to my physio, the small but important muscles in my back had gone on holiday - with no indication of returning.

I started with Nate, who discovered I had only slightly more flexibility than that of a weights bar (we have the video to prove it). For those early sessions I would visit my physio and tell her what I was doing. She was impressed with Nate's approach and would tell me any arrears to focus on or avoid. I texted the instructions to Nate and away we went. Jumping forward, I now train with Laura. Working with a combination of weights and cardio (including the monthly challenges, ah burpees, hmm...).

Anyway, I spent most of the past weekend splitting firewood. Okay, the splitting was done by a chine, but that required shifting the timber rounds. Some were quite large - splitting, shifting, loading and unloading. There were two of us doing it.

As I was lifting rounds, I found that I was just doing deadlifts but with a different weight. And I managed to do that for two days. I want to give a big thanks to Nate and Laura for their patience and persistence in helping me train.