SCS | Beginner Course | Session 2 | Harrison & Nate

So I have completed the second session of the beginner course at SCS. I met with Nate and he ran me through my lifting form and technique. Nate was quite good at reassuring me and making sure I was getting it right - which as many in this world will understand - it is very important to get it right.

Having gone through that I moved over to the bar to begin some Push Presses and Deadlift Strict Presses. I often had to re-check my technnqiue and remember the minor details - but Nate's communication assisted and encouraged me through the process.

After going through all of that, I proceeded to endure a 10 minute circuit consisting of:

Dumbbell snatches

Push presses - dip, drive and through

and Sit ups

After a few sets, my 10 minutes came to an end and so did my second session for the beginner course.

The importance of correct form and technique is becoming clearer and clearer throughout this course and as someone who had never tried any of this stuff before, I was feeling comfortable with Nate watching over me and directing.

I look forward to the third and final session for the beginner course and to be able to report back on it.