SCS | Beginner Course | Session 3 | Harrison & Nate

So, this was the third and final session from the the SCS Beginner Course.

As I rocked up, Coach Nate gave me a heads up that this class would be the most difficult one mentally. At first, I thought this would be because of the physical challenge I would have to mentally overcome - but it was not.

Instead, the mental challenge confronted me in the form of skipping.

That's right, skipping.

I probably hadn't used a skipping rope since I was back at intermediate - so that was the first thing to tackle. But then came what's called "Double Unders". Essentially, skipping the rope twice while you jump over it.

It was already one thing getting back into skipping without tripping or hitting the rope, but the double unders were something else! Nate allowed me the time to get the hang of it, and eventually I did! Well, kind of. I reached the point where I could skip the rope twice and jump over it - just not more than once.

But that was okay, as these beginner sessions are super helpful in contextualising yourself with this kind of world and getting the hand of the technique for the required exercises & movements.

Speaking of, I was then led in to some cleans and snatches.

I started out with just the bar so I could get used to the movements. Then we chucked on some weight and away I went.

I would explain the movements and how they felt - but I do want those who are interested in the course to try it for themselves. All I will say is, I have never had to get my body to work in that way before.

Oh, and I prefer snatches over cleans 😅

To wrap up the class, Nate ran me through a workout - 3 sets of 30 skips with the rope, 7 burpees & 7 snatches.

From all the workouts we've ended the sessions on - this one was the toughest.

Overall, the third and final class was a mental challenge in getting my body to move & do things it has never had to do - but it was super rewarding. The three part course as a whole has been quite eye opening to the world of lifting and I have so much respect for those that are part of it and do what they do.

I am intrigued to see how my eyes will continue to be opened moving forwards.