Jono is an awesome trainer, I feel more healthier and motivated just within a couple of months. It is good for beginners like myself to get into the habit of going to the gym and also learn the best practices early on - mainly posture, diet etc. I also like the gym. It is not very crowded no matter what time you go, unlike other traditional gyms. I think this is the best investment I have made in a while.


Lorena has been really encouraging and helpful getting me going with stuff I would be way too scared to do on my own. She’s super positive and kind and has made my experience really great so far.

Karen Booth

I first came to Results Room four years ago, the longest I have been to any gym! The secret is the personal trainers – it is a big investment to have PT sessions, but it's one of the best investments I have made for my health. My PT Karina has helped me (and pushed me!) towards achieving my fitness goals. She has also tailored sessions to my needs, and been so kind and supportive when life gets in the way (as it so often does). I highly recommend Karina and Results Room.

Pia Steiner

When I first started seeing Karina it was off the back of a really challenging time. Working with Karina at the Results Room has given me the boost to kickstart a more healthy lifestyle – physically and mentally. The training is motivating, challenging, and empowering. Feeling myself getting physically stronger is so satisfying and I feels great to get back into fitness!

Karina Jorgensen

Results Room has been exactly what I was looking for! Nate has been amazing. He’s really taken the time to think about what I’ve needed from my training sessions and pushes me to deliver the results that I’m after. His knowledge and creativity with workouts has assured me that I’m in great hands. I couldn’t recommend this gym highly enough! If you have a fitness goal in mind - RR will get you there.

Valerie Barnes

Working one-on-one with Jono keeps me focussed on form and range to get the most out of every exercise. Jono’s style is motivating and challenging, pushing me when I need it but also knowing when to pull back so I feel confident I am training effectively and safely. Every session is well thought out as part of a balanced program. The gym itself is really well set up with plenty of room to work out and all the equipment you need to keep sessions varied and interesting. I’d happily recommend Results Room to anyone looking to improve fitness, whatever level they’re at.

Abi Thomas

I've been training at Results Room for just over a year, and I feel fantastic. I look forward to my sessions with my trainer each week, and love being able to use the gym in my own time as well, following the programmes my trainer has set. And quite often I'm the only person in the gym - bonus! I have been pushed to do things I never thought I would do, which is exciting and pretty empowering. You'll be looked after at Results Room with awesome trainers who really want you to be your best - I recommend Results Room to everyone!

Sarah Tipiwai

I like seeing improvements in what I've been doing and being able to best myself. Whether it is more weight on the Barbell, faster times, greater flexibility or bigger muscles - these regular improvements really motivate me to keep coming back.

Phoenix Alaeson

Reuben is a great trainer; there hasn't been a single session I have had with him where I haven't come away feeling as though I have worked hard.

Angie Champion

Karina is a really caring coach. She helped me develop healthy habits both inside and outside Results Room. Karina really listens to what you want to achieve, and supports you every step of the way. I love training with Karina!

Te Arai

I've really enjoyed being at Results Room. The equipment is what you'd find at any other gym, and you're guaranteed to have loads of space to work out. Working out with Sam has been the push I've needed to challenge myself. Our sessions are varied and Sam is always adaptable if things need amping up or pulling back.

Nicolette Luke

Laura is a wonderful trainer. I have been training with her at Results Room for about a year now and it is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She pushes me to reach my goals in a completely encouraging and supportive way and has such a realistic, healthy outlook on exercise and well-being which I really admire. Not only do I feel fitter and stronger (both physically and mentally) since starting our sessions, but Laura has completely transformed my own mindset. I never thought I would look forward to exercising, but now I genuinely do. I'm so lucky to have found an amazing trainer- and a new friend as well. Thanks Laura and Results Room!